Saturday, January 21, 2012


Hello, it's been a while. I find it difficult to believe that my last post was in November but, it's true. For me, the delay is reflective of the chaos of the past six or so weeks, the culmination of a busy six  months. So much has changed but then, so much is the same.

We are slowly becoming aquainted with our new home and neighbourhood, endeavouring to relax into the 'newness' and 'difference' of it all and enjoy all the necessary stages of settling in without placing too much pressure on ourselves to have it all 'done', 'finished', 'complete', 'over'. With each day we aim to gain a feel for our new surrounds, our new reality without placing pressure on ourselves to have it all 'right' from the outset; really, that would like reaching journey's-end without having experienced (and enjoyed!) the journey itself, would it?!

Today, sitting on the verandah with my dear, dear husband enjoying a rare glass of wine after a busy day and relishing the site of the kids playing together oh-so amicably in the yard, I had a moment of thinking, and eventually saying, "oh God, we have sooo much to do!". I was oh so close to falling victim to that oft-applied, self-imposed pressure to DO when the above mentioned dear man sighed, smiled and looking me in the eye said "how about we just enjoy the moment?". Ahhhh, he has a wonderful way of reminding me to take a step back, consider the truly important elements of a day and, in doing so, relax.

So, tonight I intended on posting a big update but, now, really I'm just here to say "hi, I'm here again". Perhaps tomorrow.