Friday, November 12, 2010


Some new cords for Dada. I have a feeling I'll be using this pattern again (details to come - the pattern is hidden somewhere under my sewing table mess!). The fit is very relaxed and the perfect balance between 'baggy-ness' and shaping. I decided to skip the waist pockets and lined the lower side pockets.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Oh my, he's one. ONE! Our beautiful, sweet, cuddly, affectionate, loving, smiley little boy is ONE!!!!!!!!! And celebrate we did. On his actual birth-day, we had a lovely home day celebrating amongst the four of us. We shared in cake made by Dada and Elsa, opened a few gifts (namely his first doll - more on that later) and chatted a great deal about the year that has been.

The following day, we shared Raf's birthday with friends and my sister and co. We baked and baked in preparation and ate and ate in celebration! Unfortunately, all our Sydney family was unable to make it down and, of course, the Canadians were also missing. Still, we had a great celebration and I think Rafael did too, though he was obliviously to what exactly we were celebrating! But, he liked his first taste of chocolate cake! And he didn't take his crown off once - I very surprised by that one, and relieved as I was up late the night before making it (!). I also managed (just) to complete a new pair of 'jeans' for him to wear to his party. They're based on the 'yoga pants' pattern from here, with a few adjustments. I gave them a slightly higher waist and made them reversable. And he's loving his doll.

Rafa was a little under the weather over his birthday weekend but, true to form, he kept on smiling, even during the long wait at the doctor's the morning before his birthday. He's feeling great now. And he's ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


A few weeks back I ordered, and quickly recieved a copy of this wonderful book. A truly worthy addition to the first one that I often borrow from my sister (and now plan to buy because I borrow it way toooo often! - or often enough to justify getting a copy of my own).

Just looking at this site today, I remembered that last week I completed my first project from the book, this sweet hat for my very sweet little boy (soon to be one!). I was encouraged by the cool weather of last week but really, I didn't need much encouragement! And sadly (in a way) the cool weather has been replaced by some warmth this week so, chances are he won't be wearing the hat as much as I would've hoped. Oh well, it was worth it!

Now I'm desperate to knit the elf hat on the front cover and these little baskets too.

Friday, September 3, 2010


A little photo-summary of our last FULL month of winter. Yes, to us it was still winter until 21 September because we subscribe to the definition of the seasons according with the solstices rather than the generally accepted Australian version where the seasons correspond to calendar months (so winter = June, July, August, Spring = September, October, November etc etc). So, as far as our family is concerned Spring only just began! (though it still reeks of winter).

Finally taking some photos for Ravelry of a Jo Sharp wrap
I knitted a while back
Found quietly hugging his 'little boy' doll Our little fairy A favourite new passtime - yoga

Contemplating their snacks Some election day finds at a garage sale near our polling booth Enjoying one of 'my' puzzles from childhood Another haircut with Peter He learnt to climb the stairs! (out came the gates) Always time for green playdoughThe book-box, a fine place to escape her little brother
A new beret knitted by moi More banana bread
And rice pudding galore!

Playing doctors. He looks so scared! She has had SO MUCH enjoyment from
this wooden doctors kit!

Threatening to make his way into 'her' craft cupboard

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Yesterday, as she worked away at an old wooden puzzle from my childhood, Elsa said:

"Mama when I grow up I'm going to be a tennis player and a soccer player and I'll play footy and I might be a, I think I'll be a road worker."
I replied "You can be any or all of these things, whatever you decide is fine but there's no rush."

Elsa "OK, for now I'll just do this lovely puzzle and have my snack".

For now, and for quite some time longer, that sounds just perfect.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I made these to contribute to the craft stall at Elsa's playgroup/kinder Spring fair. Can you tell I found it difficult to let these go? We became so attached to these little gnome friends that lived on our table and multipled until fair day. Every morning Elsa would have them out of 'their box' playing with them on the kitchen table where they had lovely conversations about our plans for the day, among other things. In the end I made around 6 of the pocket mice and likewise, they were loved and enjoyed on a daily basis leading up to fair day. I've promised to make some of both for her in the months to come but not this many!

My nephew was over the moon at winning a coconut at the fair and
we all enjoyed it back at home And the homemade vanilla icecream was a hit with ElsaBut Rafa had other things on his mind


Knitted, blocked, awaiting construction...a cardigan for Elsie from Rowan Junior. Oh so close, know.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Another late post but only by a week this time which is an accomplishment for me! Last Sunday the whole familia headed into town for a nice, long tram ride interrupted only by a nice, long meal at Peligrinis. It seems so long ago that this was part of my daily routine (the tram ride, not eating at Peligrinis though I'm sure I could do so on a daily basis without a problem!!!). Elsa asked "Mama, can we come back where the lights shine and the trams rattle soon?". We'll have to do that. And she can copy the sleeping tram riders again!