Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I made these to contribute to the craft stall at Elsa's playgroup/kinder Spring fair. Can you tell I found it difficult to let these go? We became so attached to these little gnome friends that lived on our table and multipled until fair day. Every morning Elsa would have them out of 'their box' playing with them on the kitchen table where they had lovely conversations about our plans for the day, among other things. In the end I made around 6 of the pocket mice and likewise, they were loved and enjoyed on a daily basis leading up to fair day. I've promised to make some of both for her in the months to come but not this many!

My nephew was over the moon at winning a coconut at the fair and
we all enjoyed it back at home And the homemade vanilla icecream was a hit with ElsaBut Rafa had other things on his mind

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