Thursday, September 22, 2011


Here we are very recently home from a long, late Winter/early Spring holiday at "Nana's" and wondering where to begin? There's more packing to be done, a house to sell, a new house to prepare for, a special birthday just around the corner, so many projects on the go and so many more planned, some lovely weather to absorb, a car to buy (ours was in a crash from which everyone involved walked away a little shaken but in one piece - thank goodness - but it seems the car wasn't so lucky!) much happening and so many posts to complete on this here blog but I can't because our internet access is very limited for the next little while (more on that later) so for now....I'm going to shake the sand from our belongings post a wonderful visit to the beach this morning and put the kettle on....then tidy the house in preparation for another showing.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


And on this day, the first of a month in which Spring will make it's way to us, a few more photos of these, because my last photo of this pair excluded the little boy who is so lovingly wearing them! And with an uncle and aunt having recently returned from a month in Italy, they encourage lots of chatter between his big sister and Mama about Italian architectural icons and well dressed men and women roaming Italian streets! To him, they're just his 'vroom, vroom' pants - see the little men riding mopeds? And red loves Rafa!

And just because I can't resist sharing a detail from another of his new Quick Change Trousers - love this fabric!