Thursday, September 22, 2011


Here we are very recently home from a long, late Winter/early Spring holiday at "Nana's" and wondering where to begin? There's more packing to be done, a house to sell, a new house to prepare for, a special birthday just around the corner, so many projects on the go and so many more planned, some lovely weather to absorb, a car to buy (ours was in a crash from which everyone involved walked away a little shaken but in one piece - thank goodness - but it seems the car wasn't so lucky!) much happening and so many posts to complete on this here blog but I can't because our internet access is very limited for the next little while (more on that later) so for now....I'm going to shake the sand from our belongings post a wonderful visit to the beach this morning and put the kettle on....then tidy the house in preparation for another showing.

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