Thursday, August 26, 2010


Yesterday, as she worked away at an old wooden puzzle from my childhood, Elsa said:

"Mama when I grow up I'm going to be a tennis player and a soccer player and I'll play footy and I might be a, I think I'll be a road worker."
I replied "You can be any or all of these things, whatever you decide is fine but there's no rush."

Elsa "OK, for now I'll just do this lovely puzzle and have my snack".

For now, and for quite some time longer, that sounds just perfect.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I made these to contribute to the craft stall at Elsa's playgroup/kinder Spring fair. Can you tell I found it difficult to let these go? We became so attached to these little gnome friends that lived on our table and multipled until fair day. Every morning Elsa would have them out of 'their box' playing with them on the kitchen table where they had lovely conversations about our plans for the day, among other things. In the end I made around 6 of the pocket mice and likewise, they were loved and enjoyed on a daily basis leading up to fair day. I've promised to make some of both for her in the months to come but not this many!

My nephew was over the moon at winning a coconut at the fair and
we all enjoyed it back at home And the homemade vanilla icecream was a hit with ElsaBut Rafa had other things on his mind


Knitted, blocked, awaiting construction...a cardigan for Elsie from Rowan Junior. Oh so close, know.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Another late post but only by a week this time which is an accomplishment for me! Last Sunday the whole familia headed into town for a nice, long tram ride interrupted only by a nice, long meal at Peligrinis. It seems so long ago that this was part of my daily routine (the tram ride, not eating at Peligrinis though I'm sure I could do so on a daily basis without a problem!!!). Elsa asked "Mama, can we come back where the lights shine and the trams rattle soon?". We'll have to do that. And she can copy the sleeping tram riders again!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


A few weeks ago weeks ago we took a hiatus from winter and enjoyed a week at the beach. Winter followed us but it made no difference; we enjoyed every smidgen of sand, sun and sea and the occassional bout of rain and wind too. This is becoming our favourite annual family tradition.

Beyond the obvious (being together!) holiday highlights included:

- watching Elsa flying a kite by herself for the first time (with some initial help to get it up in the sky);
- a visit from good friends who shared their baby news with us;
- great fish and chips (more than once);
- a look-in at the Freshwater Creek Steiner School;
- lots of art and craft time as a family;
- sleep-ins and afternoon naps!;
- knitting and more knitting;
- family bed time every day.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


One cold morning last week feeling a little cabin feverish, I took the babes to try out a new cafe closeby. Well, 'new' for us but it's been there for a few months now. Duchess of Spotswood might just become one of our favourites. And Elsa spruced up by wearing a new Lark dress.

And Raf in his favourite spot at home, just because. I love the way he quietly approaches Gnocchi (the dog), gently slides a hand onto her back and progresses to stroking her. His patting can quickly become excited and unintentionally rough, which is why Gnocchi looks a little aprehensive!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


by my sister-in-law for Rafael

I love knitting and I love that many of the important people in my life love knitting too. Although the latter isn't a prerequisite for the former (!), there's something lovely about sharing a passion for knitting; sharing pattern ideas, information about new yarns, needles, notion etc etc and perhaps the most exciting of all, sharing completed works. Which is part of why I love Ravelry. It allows sharing of all the knitting-related details of life with great friends overseas and nearby.

In my family there are five people who share a love of knitting; my Mum, two sisters, one sister-in-law and me of course. I can't forget the younger generation; a couple of nieces are becoming just as addicted and passionate about knitting and one nephew (at 7!) has started his knitting 'career' too. I'm working on a few more nephews, one of whom has shown a keen interest and has embarked on finger-knitting for now, another has been living in Sweden (yes, a few of these nephews are quite grown-up) and has watched some Swedish males knitting socks and hats and the like. AND my mother-in-law is also a competent knitter.
All of this knitting had led to more than a few packages turning up on our door step this winter (or behing delivered in-person by family from out of town who have been down from Sydney for winter getaways).
A bad photo of some cute booties by Nana for Raf.

A new winter coat for Elsa by her one of my sister-in-laws/her aunts

With each package comes the left-over wool, a tag from the wool and often a copy of the pattern should it take my fancy to knit it myself either in the same size or larger for another year. Actually, I'm thinking of knitting the above in a smaller size for Rafael for next winter.

Nana (my Mum) knitted sent the above bonnet (and matching booties)

And Nana knitted the jumper too

A friend in Canada knitting Rafa this sweet cardigan (and a matching hat)

Elsa loves her knits but I think she loves her doll's knits even more at present. The dolls winter wardrobe expanded substantially this year with knitted items arriving for them too! And then I bought a few bits and pieces because I just couldn't resist. Dolls need to stay cozy and warm too you know, and clean and it's so fun to make them so.

Laundry day for her dolls

And then, I have so much on the needles and am just about finished a few things...hopefully it won't be long.

Monday, August 9, 2010


This winter we can't get enough of pumpkin scones made from a Stephanie Alexander recipe. They've gone with us to playgroup, family, friends, the name it. And there's always good. So easy and at least I can feel we're having some vegetable at morning or afternoon tea time (not much but a little). I like that 'Steph' suggests the above style rather than individual scones, not because I don't also enjoy single, individual scones but, when we're in a rush this is quick and just perfect.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Last month we shared a country weekend away with lovely friends. The air was crisp, the fires were lit, the food was delicious, the knitting progressed and the children were angelic - well, most of the time. There was certainly lots of fun had tossing leaves, roasting marshmallows, riding in the wheel-barrow, picking and eating lemons and rhubarb and running, running, running. And the conversation in the car on the way back to town? It centred mostly around the question (again) of whether we should, could, would do a tree or sea-change. No conclusion reached of course but, plenty of ideas shared.


We washed, we conditioned more than usual, we combed and combed, we pulled a little (but not to much) and finally she had her pony-tail "just like Jessa" (her cousin). Never mind that her cousin's hair is extremely long and straight and much darker than her own, it didn't matter, she had achieved what she's wanted for a while now; a PONY-TAIL...for 1/2 hour or so at least, until her hair dried and 'bonged' up into those beautiful curls all over again. But thankfully, she's very happy with that - just wanted to play with something different for a minute and replicate a much-loved cousin.