Thursday, September 13, 2012


This week, there's lots of talk about parties around here, mainly because our second attempt at D's 40th birthday celebration is planned for Saturday.  The children are excited and we're busily preparing for the gathering. The party/birthday talk extended to many a car trip this week, with my favourite being a conversation between Elsa and Rafael yesterday:

* Rafael "I come to your birthday party Else?" (her birthday was in June!)
* Elsa "of course you will"
* Rafael "and the next one?"
* Elsa "yes, of course! You're my brother, you'll come to all my birthdays even when we're old, old kids"
* Rafael smiles
* Elsa "we love each other, we're best friends. You know that"
* Rafael "me love you to Else"
* Elsa "I love you too Rafi"

At which point, I glance at them in the rear-view mirror and see Elsa take her brother's hand without the slightest glance in his direction - just a natural reaching out, a beautiful little expression of love and reassurance as she watched the world passing by. At the next red light, some 3 kilometres up the road, I turned to look back and they were still holding hands. A very sweet sibling moment that I was so lucky to share.

And I do hope they will always share their birthdays with one another in some way, regardless of age or geography. And I wouldn't mind joining in with their Dada either! For now, we focus on his belated birthday celebration and look forward to sharing the day with friends from near and far.

I just realised, he doesn't have a birthday crown! :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012


  • if I'll ever tire of fennel and watercress?
  • when my camera will be better/fixed/usable/in one piece? (it would be nice to share some photos - there's been so much happening around here!)
  • whether I prefer meat ball soup with or without lemon sauce?
  • if, subconsciously, I turned the front sun room into a greenhouse so that my dear D would offer to build a greenhouse/garden shed? (really, I didn't but, I'm pleased he offered!)
  • how soon that greenhouse can be built?
  • when Nana will be here for a visit? (soon I believe)
  • just how many times I can make the wide-leg pants from this book?(visuals to come soon I hope)
  • if I should eat another slice of Apple Cake? (just one?)
  • why all books don't contain a recipe? (!)
  • what Spring will hold for us four?
  • when my latest Diggers order will arrive? (a Passionfruit vine, Loganberry cane, Apricot tree and so much more on its way!!!!) 
  • what to do with all that parsley?
  • how exactly we made so many 'twisties' today and still managed to talk/eat/drink/laugh/manage children etc etc ('twisties'' like these ones)
  • if my new homemade cleaning products will stand the test of time and grime? (more on those later)
  • if the soap nuts will truly remove all that dirt and other garden goodness to come with Spring? Or will my new clothes washing powder do a better job? (I have been busy! :))
  • what my children did in the garden today while I was making 'twisties'? (I went out after dark to lock the chickens away so I couldn't survey evidence of the fun they had)
  • when the new chickens will arrive? (and how long it will take Gnocchi, the dog, to befriend them?)
  • just how many more pieces of fabric Elsa will bring to me with requests for clothing? (the last was this "Mama, I'd really LOVE a skirt from this sweet pink one...or a dress...or even a jacket" !!! she got the skirt!).
  • when I can pull up the last of the turnips? (and how many more my family can tolerate?)
  • what jam or marmalade I will make next? (now I finally have some more jars to fill - great find!)
  • how to stop myself buying books? (at least there are no remaining Elsa Beskow books on my 'wish list' - so naughty but, happily so!)
  • when he'll be home from work? (it is 9.45pm afterall - poor stretched busy man)
  • when I'll have time to clean the hen house, transfer seedlings to the garden, paint a few old things and make a dress? (oh Martha, you set us up for failure! :))
  • how long I can wait before planting the tomatoes? (all five varieties!)
  • whether this rain could possibly get any harder?
  • if I'll actually complete my Tea Leaves before winter is over! (oh, I hope so)
  • why they took sooooooooooo long?
  • when I'll see sense and go to bed and snuggle up with my book
  • why it's took me so long to recall just how much I'm enjoying that book? (and the 5 before it in the series - short novellas for the young but, wow, such a fantastic read!). 
  • why I don't just say goodnight and go to BED! Clearly too much wondering, not enough sleeping...I'm delirious. Goodnight! :)