Thursday, September 6, 2012


  • if I'll ever tire of fennel and watercress?
  • when my camera will be better/fixed/usable/in one piece? (it would be nice to share some photos - there's been so much happening around here!)
  • whether I prefer meat ball soup with or without lemon sauce?
  • if, subconsciously, I turned the front sun room into a greenhouse so that my dear D would offer to build a greenhouse/garden shed? (really, I didn't but, I'm pleased he offered!)
  • how soon that greenhouse can be built?
  • when Nana will be here for a visit? (soon I believe)
  • just how many times I can make the wide-leg pants from this book?(visuals to come soon I hope)
  • if I should eat another slice of Apple Cake? (just one?)
  • why all books don't contain a recipe? (!)
  • what Spring will hold for us four?
  • when my latest Diggers order will arrive? (a Passionfruit vine, Loganberry cane, Apricot tree and so much more on its way!!!!) 
  • what to do with all that parsley?
  • how exactly we made so many 'twisties' today and still managed to talk/eat/drink/laugh/manage children etc etc ('twisties'' like these ones)
  • if my new homemade cleaning products will stand the test of time and grime? (more on those later)
  • if the soap nuts will truly remove all that dirt and other garden goodness to come with Spring? Or will my new clothes washing powder do a better job? (I have been busy! :))
  • what my children did in the garden today while I was making 'twisties'? (I went out after dark to lock the chickens away so I couldn't survey evidence of the fun they had)
  • when the new chickens will arrive? (and how long it will take Gnocchi, the dog, to befriend them?)
  • just how many more pieces of fabric Elsa will bring to me with requests for clothing? (the last was this "Mama, I'd really LOVE a skirt from this sweet pink one...or a dress...or even a jacket" !!! she got the skirt!).
  • when I can pull up the last of the turnips? (and how many more my family can tolerate?)
  • what jam or marmalade I will make next? (now I finally have some more jars to fill - great find!)
  • how to stop myself buying books? (at least there are no remaining Elsa Beskow books on my 'wish list' - so naughty but, happily so!)
  • when he'll be home from work? (it is 9.45pm afterall - poor stretched busy man)
  • when I'll have time to clean the hen house, transfer seedlings to the garden, paint a few old things and make a dress? (oh Martha, you set us up for failure! :))
  • how long I can wait before planting the tomatoes? (all five varieties!)
  • whether this rain could possibly get any harder?
  • if I'll actually complete my Tea Leaves before winter is over! (oh, I hope so)
  • why they took sooooooooooo long?
  • when I'll see sense and go to bed and snuggle up with my book
  • why it's took me so long to recall just how much I'm enjoying that book? (and the 5 before it in the series - short novellas for the young but, wow, such a fantastic read!). 
  • why I don't just say goodnight and go to BED! Clearly too much wondering, not enough sleeping...I'm delirious. Goodnight! :)

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