Monday, July 27, 2009


We spent the last weekend in July celebrating 'Christmas' in a more Canadian way than we're accustomed to...with snow! Along with my sister and co. and some other friends, we visited Mount Donnabuang and toboggoned (not me! I was already big enough that I could've rolled down the hill equally as fast!), played in the snow, built snowmen and ate lots of pre-prepared goodies including Pizza Rossa from Apples for Jam; mmmmmmm...yum!

Initially, Elsa didn't quite know what to make of the snow or the slap-hazard snow outfit we conjured up for her (a combination of some borrowed snow gear and her wet-weather all-in-one!) but it didn't take long before she had her hands full of snow and was (cautiously) riding on the toboggan with her uncle. In true Dot form though, she really did prefer to sit back and watch...and giggle at her cousins as they sped down the toboggan run. Hopefully we'll do this day trip again next winter. It's good to get a little more Canadiana (even if Aussie in style) in Elsa's life, even if the snow wasn't quite the same as the type her Dada grew up with.


On the same day last week, three parcels arrived for Elsa and I; what a lovely surprise.

A dress for Elsa from a dear school friend in England

A hat for me from one of my sister-in-laws; she's been busy while enjoying a winter beach holiday (can't wait to see what else she's made). The pattern is from Jo Sharp...I love it!

A book and hanky from one of my sisters, who has been living in FAR north east Australia.

Monday, July 20, 2009


This is Elsa's new sewing machine. We planned to give it to her at Christmas but, I've been sewing lately and was looking for ways for her to join in, we still needed to give her a birthday gift from her Yiayia/grandma and well, we knew she's love it and just couldn't wait! And she is enjoying it. We also love that it was made on Vancouver Island. I'm tempted to order some more items from the clever man at Wood Clinic.
'Sewing' a skirt for one of her dolls, 'Gabrielle'

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Banana bread for the week

10:30pm Sunday night and I just finished cutting out a dress for Elsa. I have plenty cut out at present but am not getting much time to sew. Anyhow, fingers crossed that this coming week will bring with it some time to complete a few projects.
Elsa 'helped' with pinning this week. I'm converting a wrap skirt that a friend got her in Burma to a pair of shorts; just a bit more likely to stay up!
Last week was just nuts - truly. Monday was so civilised with an outing to collect fruit and vegies followed by some train spotting. Elsa and I sat on the platform and watched trains for 1/2 hour or truth, I used the time to flick through the latest copies of Peppermint and Frankie, which I had just collected from the newsagency. Peppermint is a new discovery for me and I'm mighty glad I made it! The calm start to the week lulled me into a false sense of relaxation, then the week hit...
Scones for craft group; Elsa's preferred baking experience!
The remainder of the week was filled with craft group, Dada going to Adelaide for work, birthday calls to special kids in our lives, resumption of playgroup after the holidays, a play-date or two, a reading/sing-a-long session at JP Junior Everlasting Books with the local mother's group, a 2 year old's birthday party (a big party with lots of sugar, which Elsa loved!), an overnight visit from a friend from Wangaratta, my brother and sister-in-law from Sydney staying two nights, sharing afternoon tea with an old (and great) school friend, lots of lots of baking and cooking or two afternoon naps (for me!) to help make it through! And I did manage to make myself a pair of maternity pants.
Parties are made for eating all the things you never get at home!
This confirms it; my brother and Elsa have the SAME hair! :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


It's been such a busy week and Elsa made it clear tonight that she needs a little extra Mama loving. Plenty of times this week she's asked for something and my hands have been "full" (of dirty dishes, laundry, food, whatever!) so I've said "I can't right now Elsa, my hands are full". Each time she's taken it in her stride, got about what she was doing, helped herself to whatever she needed. But tonight's chat convinced me that we need a few quiet days where I can take some extra time to knit beside her as she plays and chat with her or take some extra time to read books...something peaceful together.

Half and hour after she was put to bed, she yelled out "watcha doing Mama"
Mama: "cleaning up"
Elsa: "oh Mama, I need a big hug - two hands"
Mama: "Dada's on his way"
Elsa: "no Mama, I want Mama"

So I made my way into her room and held her tight with two hands, just as she requested and she said "Mama hands not full now?". That one pulled at my heart strings! I told her that my hands were very full - full of my favourite thing in the world!!! She gigglged and I lavished her with kisses.


Elsa had her first hair cut on Sunday. We primed her for weeks with a book of mine from childhood about a lion cub who is scared of having his hair cut because he think it will hurt so lets his hair grow so long he can no longer see or hear past his locks. He's eventually mistaken for a mop by an elephant who insists on taking him to his monkey friend for a haircut and discovers that it's kind of fun to get a haircut! Thanks to Peter, Elsa had lots of fun.

I felt a little emotional and nervous about her first haircut but it was great (and her curls are still very much intact!). All my life Mum has told the tale of the time she took my very curly haired older sister for her first haircut and the hairdresser completely ruined her curls / took them all away for some time...I had that tale in mind, particularly given that Elsa has hair just like her aunt's. We took a little bag of her hair clipping away with us; something I know I'll always treasure.

That's my hair, not hers! I also had most of mine chopped off; it's a much-needed and welcome change. I really did have a lot of hair!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


One chilly morning a few weeks back, Elsa said "Mama, I need mittens". She delivered her request as a plead and it had the desired affect; the thought of her little hands being cold really pulled at the ole heart strings. Mama got to work...and here's the result. These mittens designed by Andrea Tung and taken from her Hats, Mittens and Scarves Deck were so quick and easy....

Monday, July 6, 2009


Dino has been missing Canada lately. It probably has lots to do with the impending arrival of Dot #2 and the fact that we haven't had a chance to return in the past two years (since Elsa was born). So this year, he took the day off work and we enjoyed decorating the nature table with Canadiana, trying to cook cinnamon buns (they failed first time around), sharing morning tea with other Canadians and listening to some Canadian music.

Our Canada Day celebrations flowed over to a weekend with friends in Bendigo where we enjoyed baking / cooking a few culinary favourites from the 'home' land like clam chowder, cinnamon buns, cranberry cookies (with choc-cinnamon drops!), salmon coated in maple syrup and sweet potato bake. Then there were the store bought treats fwe took along from the American Food Wholesalers such as little Hersey bars, maple syrup and blueberry syrup. It was all good and made us feel a touch closer to Canada on her special day.

Cinnamon buns before...

Cinnamon buns after...