Monday, July 6, 2009


Dino has been missing Canada lately. It probably has lots to do with the impending arrival of Dot #2 and the fact that we haven't had a chance to return in the past two years (since Elsa was born). So this year, he took the day off work and we enjoyed decorating the nature table with Canadiana, trying to cook cinnamon buns (they failed first time around), sharing morning tea with other Canadians and listening to some Canadian music.

Our Canada Day celebrations flowed over to a weekend with friends in Bendigo where we enjoyed baking / cooking a few culinary favourites from the 'home' land like clam chowder, cinnamon buns, cranberry cookies (with choc-cinnamon drops!), salmon coated in maple syrup and sweet potato bake. Then there were the store bought treats fwe took along from the American Food Wholesalers such as little Hersey bars, maple syrup and blueberry syrup. It was all good and made us feel a touch closer to Canada on her special day.

Cinnamon buns before...

Cinnamon buns after...

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