Saturday, June 27, 2009


Nana, Nana, Nana...clever Nana, clever and generous. After a few days looking curiously at a postal slip on our fridge wondering what the parcel awaiting us held in store, we got to the post office yesterday morning to collect a package from Mum/Nana containing a treasure chest equivalent of knitted wonders for the baby/Dot #2! A cardigan, two pairs of booties, and a matching jumper and booties set.

When I called Mum to thank her, she apologised for not having finished/sent the pram set she's been working on for the baby. This pram set / layette is a bit of a tradition as Mum's knitted it over the years for a good number of her 27 grandchildren. When my great aunt "Auntie" was alive, she and Mum would divide the knitting of the set between them; Mum would knit, say, the cardigan and bonnet and Auntie would knit the pants and mittens. Now Mum knits it all, along with other things for the new baby.


Conversation with Elsa yesterday morning:
Dada: "let's go to Footscray Market"
Elsa: "it's not Footsday, it's Monday"

Thereby followed a conversation about Footscray being a place, not a day of the week. We didn't even bother also explaining that it was Saturday not Monday because, really it's not important! But it got us to thinking (and laughing about) what 'Footsday' would be like if it existed. Would the name have derived from the pagan ritual of the feet (not that one exists to our knowledge) or was it the original name for Sunday - a day to rest one's feet?

Anyhow, the Market was bustling and we enjoyed a reprieve at a small two-table cafe inside the market where a group of regulars chatted over coffee. We ended up in conversation with them, initiated by good-natured laughter at Elsa as she covered her face in the chocolate from the baby chino froth. As we left we reflected on how grateful we are to be able to sit with a table of people such a range of cultural backgrounds: Serbia, Macedonia, Italy, Greece, Canada and China.

We popped across the road for some more input from Italy in the form of Cavallaro and Sons where the canolli is wonderful and apparently has been for more than a few decades. We've refrained from splurging on a tray of canolli for a while but when in the neighbourhood....


Home for some sewing time for Mama and a nap and bike ride for Dada and Elsa.

Sunday brought with it another round of birthday celebrations. It was my brother-in-laws birthday and we gathered to enjoy a brunch of Spanish Omelette cooked by my sister and Klafutti by Dada Dino. I can't find a link to a Klafutti recipe in English so will type on in here soon. It's basically like and upside down pancake with fruit on the top/bottom. He usually makes it with stone fruit but today, used raspberries and apple to good effect!

In the afternoon, we moved onto a combined 2nd birthday party for all the kids in our local Mum's and babies group.

We do a 'Kris Kringle' of sorts for the birthday gift exchange. Elsa recieved a great big stamp pad and six fun big stamps, which she enjoyed using as soon as we got home!

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