Saturday, June 13, 2009


We've been planning a shopping trip to the Mediterranean Wholesalers for weeks now and finally got there today. It's something we do every 4 or so months to replenish our stock of all things Mediterranean, especially cheeses, cans of tomatoes, olives, legumes and pasta. And we always try to combine the visit with a catch-up with friends in the cafe within the store, where hot chocolate is still $1.50 and the array of fresh-baked cakes ad biscuits makes choosing a treat oh so tough...easily fixed by ordering a wide selection to share with friends! We all enjoyed today's selection made by Dino.

After coffee/hot chocolate and baked treats, I left Dino and Elsa to do the shopping (she loves chatting about the wide variety of pasta as we make our way down the aisles) while I popped across to the Spotlight across the road, where I picked out some fabric (thanks to Mum for the birthday voucher!).
The fabrics are all from a range called 'Antique Treasures' (in the quilting section). I already had some of the range at home but all the prints I grabbed today are new to the stash. I'm planning on making some maternity tops for myself, summer skirts for Elsa and a few kid's library bags for upcoming birthdays.

Off to enjoy the paella Dino cooked for dinner; ah, the benefits of a trip to the Medditeranean Wholesalers are never-ending!

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