Sunday, June 14, 2009


Happy Birthday Dad. You would've been 76 today - over 3/4 of a century! No doubt your day would've gone something like church with Mum, home via a newsagency to collect the newspaper, cup of coffee with Mum at home, perhaps a lie down followed by the arrival of loads of visitors (your 10 children, their partners and your 27 grandchildren! - probably minus the few that live in Melbourne) - yes, I am one of 10 kids and yes, Dad would've been worn out by the end of the day! He might have gone to tinker in "the shed" for a break but he wouldn't have been alone for long. There would no doubt have been some directing of children/grandchildren to carry out jobs for him around the house and yard/paddocks and some bellowing at grandchildren or children to drive slower down the drive or "help your mother" with lunch...unfortunately, none of it will happen this year. It's been 15 months since Dad died so this is our second birthday without him. Last year Mum held a bonfire in the front paddock to celebrate the 75th that almost was but would never be and this year, I'm not sure what she's doing. I'll call her but not until I pull myself together!

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  1. oh ang, i'm so sorry. i lost my step father a couple of years ago, right before his 80th, so i can relate to the feelings that are brought up every year (as well as the ones that are present below the surface always).

    loved your post about the Mediterranean Wholesalers too - mae and i may have to tag along with you next time!