Sunday, June 21, 2009


No, not me though (off to Vancouver that is) though, that would be great! But I did finish this bag today and will send it off tomorrow to our god-son in Vancouver who will celebrate his 3rd birthday next week. I hope it gets there in time. I'm completely addicted to this pattern but haven't used it since Christmas time when I adapted it to beach bag size and made one each for a niece and nephew...with matching shorts. This time I tried to make the bag large enough for Thomas (the birthday boy) to use as a library bag but, if that doesn't work, I hope he finds some other use for it.
Here's one that my sister made for Elsa last year. She loves it and finds all sorts of uses for it. Confessing another addiction - this material...I have quite the stash of it now in a range of colours...slowing making my way through it. It's a Japanese print from Spotlight!
A friend recently asked how I get sewing done with Elsa around...well, sometimes she just likes to watch! She even sends advice my way like "a bit slower Mama, I'm watching" or "use that pretty colour Mama"...

Nothing like some carrot coconut cookies to provide stamina to the sewers! This book is getting a workout in our house this's an old favourite from our days on the island.

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