Thursday, June 25, 2009


Today, a friend and I set out on a sewing-related shopping adventure with our 2 years old in-toe. Slightly ambitious? Yes. Crazy at times? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely!

We started at The Craft Circle gathering felt, blank-paged drawing books, a sewing needle for Elsa and a few other bits and pieces.

We then moved onto GJ Discount Fabrics and that was a tad 'dangerous'. I've wanted to get there for so long and now I truely know why! I made most of my purchases on the top floor where all the quilting materials are kept but, also found some hessian for Elsa to begin 'sewing' on and some green, cottin chenille. I also grabbed some single-sided iron on interfacing for a good price. At home this afternoon, I cut out an Oliver and S jacket from one of the fabrics.

Home for some rhubarb ricotta pastries (reipe taken from The Cooks Companion). These could be our new favourite last-minute dessert / sweet treat. Soooo easy...puff pastry cut into circles, almond meal sprinkled on pastry, a mixture of rhubarb, ricotta, cinammon and sugar plopping on top and the 'circle' closed ravioli style, sealed with a fork, brushed with egg and a sprinkle of sugar on top and there you have it....and there are no quantities given in the recipe so I really just went with what looked right...Steph does suggest equal potions rhubarb to ricotta and that's about easy, so quick.

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