Monday, June 1, 2009


Well, very close. I had an ultrasound today (19 weeks!). It was absolutely lovely (and amazing and extraordinary!!) to see the baby moving about a little (but mostly sleeping), scratching his/her ears and performing some very energetic nose-rubbing that left me wondering whether our whole family is suffering from allergies this week :). We left with a DVD of the scan and a few photos, one of which has made it to the fridge, which is a bit like the 'pool room' in our house (i.e. quite a compliment to the little one).
Elsa provided one of our favourite moments of the day when Dino showed her one of the photos and said "see, there's your little baby brother or sister Elsa" and she responded "I not see it" while shaking her head. So she's either in denial about her upcoming (slight) fall from grace or far more honest than most adults when they're shown the same thing...really, isn't that what people would love to say to doting parents sharing murky scan images of their beloved baby? At times it takes plenty of imagination to make the baby out but today the images were pretty amazing - spoken like a true doting parent!

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