Sunday, May 31, 2009

Worlds Biggest Morning Tea

On Friday, we celebrated the Biggest Morning Tea at Dana's from Twiglet. Thanks Dana for hosting the gathering and inviting us along. It felt good to contribute towards such a worthy cause, particularly one so close to home. Dad died of cancer last March and I did spend a great deal of the morning thinking of him, in between sips of tea and nibbling scrumptious sweets (I can just see him rolling his eyes at me!). It was also nice to put more names to familiar faces from the park and village! And to meet Leslie from onegirl because it's just to much fun to meet creative, interesting people and because she's Canadian of course! (nice for Elsa to meet another part-Canadian little girl living nearby!). And, I won the lucky door prize/raffle prize. Wow, Dana put together such a fantastic package with items from Aunty Cookie, Gemma Jones and (of course!), Twiglet. It was such a treat to win the package and I know I'll enjoy every last bit of it.

We enjoyed making some scones to take along too. To do so, Elsa simply HAD to wear her Dada's favourite golfing cap - her favourite.

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  1. glad you made it here and that it meant something special and that you won the doorprize! xxx