Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another Special Birthday

Today is the birthday of my only nephew that lives in Melbourne; he's now 6!!! And yesterday we joined my sister and co. for his birthday party. Elsa is in-love with this particularly cousin (and his sister) and thinks that just about everything he does is THE BEST! So, after a week of talking about his upcoming birthday, a morning of gift-wrapping and dropping into Queen Vic. Markets to buy the remainder of his gift on the way to his party, she was already very excited. Queen Vic. Markets is about a 10 to 15 minute drive from home and though we were only there for 45 minutes or so yesterday morning we were reminded of why we should make an effort to get there more regularly. Anyhow, my nephew has just started playing soccer so we grabbed an FC Barcelona outfit for him and some lollies to aid the cake decorating. It's our job to decorate his and his sister's birthday cakes each year (well, it used to be our job to make them too but since Elsa was born, decorating is about all we can offer!). This year we worked off the jungle cake from the Women's Weekly Kids Cookbook. It seemed to go down okay. And the soccer outfit fits! He also enjoyed the new book we gave him; 'Cowardly Clyde' by Bill Peet.

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