Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Elsa and I made it to Williamstown today for a gathering with friends. It was so cold and wintery that we cut short our park time to plonk ourselves in Breizoz French Crepery for lunch. Gosh I love that place; fresh apple cider, buckwheat galettes, chocolate crepes for dessert and smiles all round. And plenty of space to run (for Elsa that is; I was too busy eating). You see, all the other customers were sitting outside in the sun. That's right, the sun. You didn't expect it to stay bitterly cold for too long did you? We do live in Melbourne afterall and it was a whole 2 hours before the weather completely changed!
A friend treats us with some home preserves!

Remember the thrill of new chalk? Elsa was pretty impressed, and then proceeded to break most of the pieces in two! We'll wait until she's a bit older before buying more!

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