Wednesday, July 15, 2009


It's been such a busy week and Elsa made it clear tonight that she needs a little extra Mama loving. Plenty of times this week she's asked for something and my hands have been "full" (of dirty dishes, laundry, food, whatever!) so I've said "I can't right now Elsa, my hands are full". Each time she's taken it in her stride, got about what she was doing, helped herself to whatever she needed. But tonight's chat convinced me that we need a few quiet days where I can take some extra time to knit beside her as she plays and chat with her or take some extra time to read books...something peaceful together.

Half and hour after she was put to bed, she yelled out "watcha doing Mama"
Mama: "cleaning up"
Elsa: "oh Mama, I need a big hug - two hands"
Mama: "Dada's on his way"
Elsa: "no Mama, I want Mama"

So I made my way into her room and held her tight with two hands, just as she requested and she said "Mama hands not full now?". That one pulled at my heart strings! I told her that my hands were very full - full of my favourite thing in the world!!! She gigglged and I lavished her with kisses.

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  1. that is so cute. i can't wait until mae can talk!