Sunday, July 19, 2009


Banana bread for the week

10:30pm Sunday night and I just finished cutting out a dress for Elsa. I have plenty cut out at present but am not getting much time to sew. Anyhow, fingers crossed that this coming week will bring with it some time to complete a few projects.
Elsa 'helped' with pinning this week. I'm converting a wrap skirt that a friend got her in Burma to a pair of shorts; just a bit more likely to stay up!
Last week was just nuts - truly. Monday was so civilised with an outing to collect fruit and vegies followed by some train spotting. Elsa and I sat on the platform and watched trains for 1/2 hour or truth, I used the time to flick through the latest copies of Peppermint and Frankie, which I had just collected from the newsagency. Peppermint is a new discovery for me and I'm mighty glad I made it! The calm start to the week lulled me into a false sense of relaxation, then the week hit...
Scones for craft group; Elsa's preferred baking experience!
The remainder of the week was filled with craft group, Dada going to Adelaide for work, birthday calls to special kids in our lives, resumption of playgroup after the holidays, a play-date or two, a reading/sing-a-long session at JP Junior Everlasting Books with the local mother's group, a 2 year old's birthday party (a big party with lots of sugar, which Elsa loved!), an overnight visit from a friend from Wangaratta, my brother and sister-in-law from Sydney staying two nights, sharing afternoon tea with an old (and great) school friend, lots of lots of baking and cooking or two afternoon naps (for me!) to help make it through! And I did manage to make myself a pair of maternity pants.
Parties are made for eating all the things you never get at home!
This confirms it; my brother and Elsa have the SAME hair! :)

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