Monday, October 10, 2011


A little summary of things around here of late, excluding the house-related 'stuff' that is truly wearing me down and the trip to Sydney, which requires a whole separate post with lots of photos that I don't have the internet capacity to upload for now (which is also wearing me out!). To start things off, our lemon tree has blossoms (above) and one wee lemon growing ever so slowly but growing just the same.

Mollie Makes
One of my sisters recently discovered this magazine and passed on the four issues published to date. I'm impressed and grateful for having access to her subscription (I might just need one of my own!).

The Beach
Soon we will live further away from the beach (ouch) so we've been maximising our time there often sharing the outing with friends. I can't even begin to explain the effect being near water has on me. It is my ultimate exercise in 'grounding' and is so entrenched in my past and present that I fear I'll long for it terribly when a beach is further afield. To compensate, I have all kinds of long beachside adventures in mind and thankfully I can console myself with the other wonderful benefits of the upcoming move.

All this from a girl from Sydney who once scoffed at the idea (and reality!) of a Melbourne beach. Such attitude! Somewhere in the past ten years I broadened by definition and appreciation of 'beachside' and learnt to enjoy the bayside beaches of Melbourne while continuing, at every opportunity, to visit exposed, coastal beaches too. For now, we inhale, love and revel in the nearby bay beaches and feel grateful for the nine good years we've enjoyed living within a stone's throw on them.

The Market
A few recent excursions to Footscray Market have left me wondering why I haven't taken the kids there more often. They were a little overwhelmed during our most recent visit because it was busy and they were tired but they've generally always enjoyed the sites and sounds of the market, particularly the fish stalls! And then there's the little 'cafe' (and I mean little - one table!) tucked away amongst coffee machines, dried legumes and an array of nuts, among other wonderful things. They make a great babychino, or so it seems!

And we never fail to duck across the road to another favourite haunt. They've been going since the mid-50s - amazing! And we know why. The kids love the little cannoli piped with half vanilla, half chocolate custard.

The Kitchen
I really should do a whole separate post on recent activities in our kitchen - and I will very soon but to an extent this photo says it all. We've been sharing so much time cooking and baking together, mostly in a cooperative fashion. Rafael has found his inner chef calling and his big sister is only too happy to instruct him on all she's learnt to date! There have been some very funny moments.

And to top it all off, there's been plenty of swaggering from this little boy as he gets more and more control over an increasingly active body!

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