Thursday, October 20, 2011


Our first strawberry for the season! It didn't last long - at all! 

A completed 'farm folk' cross-stitches from here. I was planning to refrain from sharing them until they're framed but, I've never been good at waiting. Really, I should work on my patience skills.

And another showing (of our house) this morning led to us spending some time here. Wow, I'm going to miss this spot too! On this near-30 degree day, the umbrealla's were appreciated.

I have to wonder why the river-side of this site hasn't been embraced to a greater extent. Yes, the cafe is orientated to the streetfront but there's so much lost opportunity on the reverse side of the building, fronting the river. There's more open space on the river side and an old railway line and some interesting things happen on the river itself too. The view of the city is also good from the river-side. I'm sure I'm not the first person (or town planner!) to have considered it! And no doubt reconfiguring htis old, heritage-protected building would be an expensive and time-consuming undertaking. Perhaps in the future? For now, we also love it just how it is and hope that whatever happens in this part of the west, the great, relaxed, friendly feel of this area is maintained. We'll certainly be back for more even after moving away.

And we were so happy to have Dada there will us. A rare weekday treat!

And, oh the conversation (mostly one-sided) between these two this week as they checked out their 'new' rabbit hutch and chatted with their imaginary guinea pigs.

Rafa "how-o" (hello)
Elsa "hello little guineas, now we're going to be moving soon but don't be scared, you can come in the car with us, with all the special things"
Rafa "how-o pig"
Elsa "you're the sweetest things and you're going to LOVE our new house"

And so the 'conversation' progressed. I'm sure she's conjured up an image of exactly how these guineas will/did look. We did have to have a conversation about the fact that, for a while, baby chickens are more likely to inhabit the hutch. Though the house is coming with chickens, we'd like to get some little chicks for the kids to experience and watch grow. And to this mama who grew up on a chicken farm (it's a long story), I imagine they might like their own little home away from the others and close to the house until they've grown a little. Hence, a rabbit hutch, which might seem a little strange but hey it was available on Freecycle and I couldn't resist. No promise of guineas (or rabbits) but they might come later. Actually, they probably will. 

My dear, sweet boy with his nappy full of sand. Ah, the gifts.

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