Friday, October 21, 2011

ONE FRIDAY (6 down)

On this here rainy day, we're enjoying some much needed time at home. The kids have embraced dress-ups, we've baked some biscuits/cookies and I've cut out some hats and a pair of pjs from here, all with their 'help' (the book arrived in the mail last week and I'm busy planning his summer wardrobe!- so many fun ideas).

When I think back to the number of times mum cut out and sewed while we 'helped', I wonder where she found the patience, though I find that once I relax and remove the expectation of it all happening in a 'timely' fashion (or more to the point, on an adult timeline!), we enjoy the shared experience and learn some things from each other in the process. I guess with ten children Mum mastered the skill of letting go!

Not much more to report; there are sure to be a few of these 'nothing' posts as I count UP our last days here and our first few at the new place!

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