Monday, October 31, 2011


(Here we are sharing/counting UP Forty Days and Forty Nights of our lives, our last on the inner-west side of town and, eventually, some of our first on the other (far) side of town, where we envisage some big changes coming our way. Thanks for joining us as we remember, celebrate and experience gratitude for our time here, and sometimes feel completely overwhelmed and exhausted by the changes underway!)

This is 'Jack' and he's taken up poll position on our dining table from where he'll have the pleasure of watching the kids enjoy their first Halloween experience, or at least talking about it. We celebrated Halloween once when Elsa was a wee thing but she doesn't recall. And, of course, we celebrated many times pre-children but, only in Canada from where dear D hails. We plan to wander to the front doors of few neighbours within our townhouse complex and use that well-known phrase of 'Trick or Treat' - even Australians/traditionally non-Halloween practising people know that one. Elsa is hoping that no-one opts for the 'Trick'! On top of all else, it will be a nice way to say hello to our neighbours, all of them friendly people, perhaps one last time before moving.
And a little birthday-related sharing on this his first full day in the land of 'two' (he's sleeping off the party! And the sugar!).

Such a happy boy! And very grateful for his cake decorated by his sister and cousins

A cuddly owl by his aunt and cousins and a digger bag!

This years addition to his birthday crown, a wooden button

Perhaps the biggest hit of all; a Fagus digger! I can't say enough good things
about the simplicity, pracitcality, beauty and sturdiness of this brand

Some new books that he is already loving:

Time to play!

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  1. Such joy in that face as he celebrates that cake! I can hear those digger noises coming from his Fagus too. Happy Birthday Rafael - thanks for sharing so much of your first two years with us, you are a blessing in our lives as well!