Tuesday, October 18, 2011

VERY FRESH (3 down)

Welcome indeed! Our second outing to Altona Fresh in a matter of days and we left feeling just as satisfied, enriched and full (!) as the first time. Why haven't we been shopping here for years?! Stocked with a wide range of mediterranean treats of all kinds (the cheese selection is great) and produce galore (thankfully all local!), I'm not sure why we've previously (and crazily) ignored the suggestion of some friends of ours who advocated a visit. I guess we always headed here and sure, it's spectacular but, mostly this would've met all the meditteranean cooking needs of this part mediterranean household! Well, now we know you, Altona Fresh, we'll be back plenty of time before leaving this side of town (and possibily afterwards too!), despite being quite stocked-up for now!

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