Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Last week, a bag of bindings, ribbons and trims arrived here from Greece where my mother-in-law has been visiting family (for the past 6 months!). She's back in Canada now but mailed these to me from Athens and, I'm so happy she did.

While in Greece she spent some time sorting through the craft stash of her sister, now deceased (my husband's dear Aunt/Theia Angelika). This women was remarkable and I feel very honoured to have these items which I imagine she used in making all sorts of garments for her two daughters, wonderful women in themselves now.

I've been enjoying sorting, resorting and simply 'inhaling' the look and feel of these lovely pieces. Elsa has likewise done so, including in the literal fashion; she told me "Mama, they smell of Theia". Unfortunately, she never met Angelika and I'm not sure that they do smell of her but I like the idea that she believes they do and that she's created a whole image of this Great Aunt through their smell, appearance and feel pieces. To help build that image and feed the discussion, we sorted through some old photos of Angelika and placed them on the fridge and coffee table, which has added depth and richness to the chatter about her.

Such a special, special package.

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  1. Oh my lord!!! Those braids are even more spectacular than the images my mind conjured from your descriptions. What a wondrous future world of creating they are going to conjure for you. E x