Friday, October 28, 2011


(Here we are sharing/counting UP Forty Days and Forty Nights of our lives, our last on the inner-west side of town and, eventually, some of our first on the other (far) side of town, where we envisage some big changes coming our way. Thanks for joining us as we remember, celebrate and experience gratitude for our time here, and sometimes feel completely overwhelmed and exhausted by the changes underway!)

Reads like the title of a chain-saw masacre-like film, no? I have an image of crazed housewives, cutting away at their kill then digging massive holes in the backyard to dispose of them. Or is it just me? Shouldn't I have shared that inner thought!?! No crazed housewife here, well if I am it's only the house sale that's got me this way! Or more to the point, the cleaning in preparations for house-showings.

But my reference to housewives relates to one of our favourite local cafes (just around the corner actually) where the kids and I escaped the chaos yesterday. Hausfrau (of the Germanic kind) offers a great selection of sweet treats, and some tasty savoury lunch options too like delicious bagets with all sorts of fillings and great pies. And they sell a good range of breads. In my last pregnancy, I was partial to the avocado, chicken salad bagette. But the chai is a constant for me and the kids enjoy the babychinos, preferrably with a tart or cupcake on the side!

But yesterday, we had choc-chip cookies awaiting us at home. We used a great recipe from here, where my love (the biggest one) selected a fun kid's chocolate cookbook "The Chocolate Lovers" that you can find details of here (I can't find any better link!). And the triple batch of cookies will serve us well when we celebrating Rafael's 2nd birthday with his cousins (well, a few of them) this weekend. For now, I baked only one roll in an attempt to minimise our cooking-eating until the birthday! If I filled the biscuit jar, it would be that way for long - we all love chocolate. For these cookies, I used some lovely organic choc-chips from Plump. I like to roll the dough into these shapes for freexing. They can then easily be taken from the freezer, sliced and popped in the oven - presto!

Other than local outings, I'm cutting out sewing patterns at every opportunity. I've found that it's impossible to get any 'tidy' sewing done around here and since we really do need to keep the house as presentable as possible in case of any impromptu viewing, I've opted for tracing and cutting out (sometimes just the pattern, sometimes the whole garment) and now have a significant collection of garments 'waiting in the wings'. I hope that opening night isn't too delayed!

And the diggers? Well, who can resist the allure of a village full of diggers? Some nearby roadworks have the kids mesmerised, particularly Rafael who's exhibiting all those stereotypical boy traits so far as wheels and engines are concerned, though his sister occassionally enjoys them too.

His favourite phrase must be "dig, dig, dig, DIG". (And, from what I could see, no bodies are being disposed of, just some roadwork underway!).

Homebound for iceblocks - they worked well and are being enjoyed and enjoyed and...

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