Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I started to knit this cardigan for Rafael this past Autumn but got distracted by other things and eventually, in fear that Rafa would grow out of it before it was complete, I engaged the help of a lady I know who finished the knitting for me though not before the very end of Winter. There's a first time for everything but, such a cheat I know! I just wasn't getting to it and he was in need of a cardigan. I did put the finishing touches in place (buttons and trim) so that's something! In the end it was still a little big for him so I needn't have worried. Next winter.

You can check out the finer details on my Ravelry page (though I think I still need to finalise this entry).

And just for the fun of it, check out this lovely book of poetry (those Golden Book people were busy weren't they) that I pilfered from the toy room at Mum's during my recent visit. It was given to one of my sisters in the early sixties and passed down through our family. The various names of my older siblings are listed in it's front pages (written in a range of colours by a range of little hands). When Mum saw Raf's response to the owl on the front cover, she didn't have a choice (it was coming home with us!)

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