Monday, October 17, 2011


A date with Elsa including some shopping at the second-hand shop in the Village/around the corner - doilies because, well, every girl needs doilies. Unfortunately there was a fire in the shop a few weeks ago and they've had to sell all remaining unaffected goods for reduced prices. I had no idea about the fire (even though it's so close by - guess I've been preoccupied!). I hope they are able to reopen and continue selling great second-hand goods.

A new desk. We once had a desk similar to this but gave it to Dana and created more space in the play area. Now that we're about to have a study (wow, I can't imagine!), we knew in the back of our minds that we'd need a desk. The thought was very much at the front of my mind when I saw this desk for sale (and on sale!). It's perfect for our needs.

A box of butter knives...the perfect scone-tool I say! And a sweet enamel bowl to offer them in. And I love this Globite suitcase - so big and perfect for dress-up clothes or fabrics or.... who knows and I wonder who R.Purdon was/is and how he got to the H.M.A.S Canberra?

Dad always had a pile of Globites in his shed, used by my four eldest siblings as school cases in the 50s and 60s. Mum recently gave them 'away' - back to whoever of her kids was interested and, I was! Mine is packed now but I'll have to post a photo some time.

And everyone needs a tablecloth featuring wildflowers of Western Australia! Hmmmm...I like it all the same.

And, oh my goodness, this 100% cotton, blue-striped, 'retro' fabric was marked at $42 (there's around 6 metres) but I snapped it up for $ a bargain!

After all that shopping, we needed a break at Barkly and Johnson where we met with the lads (read, Dino and Rafa) for coffee/tea. This is a good description of this new cafe oh so close to us - but, not for long!

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