Wednesday, August 17, 2011


My ever(and speedily)-growing boy needed some new pants and these quick-change trousers did the job. In the past I've often make the kid's pants reversible (in Winter mainly) but this was a fun new approach for me. I love the panel on the bum and they work well with his cloth nappies. I imagine I'll be applying this concept to many a pant pattern in the future. 

As he walks in any of his new 'strides' he often rubs his hands down the side of the pants looking down at them as he walks (or runs) leading me to pose the question "do you like your new pants Rafael?". He looks up at me and nods fervently with a huge smile of his face. And I tell him "Raf, you look like a big boy in those pants" or "Raf, those pants look wonderful on you!". Either way, another huge smile comes my way. So proud - both of us!

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