Saturday, August 13, 2011


Finally, a chance to take a breath, to reflect, to consider the events of the past few weeks - it will be short-lived (the "chance to take a breath"!) . As we contemplate a move across town (way across town), investigate schooling options, meet with realtors of all varieties, prepare for upcoming visitors and plan our own northbound adventure, we find ourselves a tad busy, distracted and, well, overwhelmed! And excited too. For now, it's much simpler to look back rather than forward.

A definite highlight of the past  few weeks was my sewing/knitting/anything trip involving two nights 'alone' for some child-free sewing and much needed rest.  Did you hear me? TWO NIGHTS! Up to this trip, I had never been away from either of my kids for a night, let alone two. I felt confident and relaxed knowing they were with their Dada and enjoying some city adventures.

I shared this creative reprieve with a friend whose parents kindly provided the country location with a wonderfully big sewing table, regularly stoked wood-fires, wonderful food and hot tea. AND, as an added bonus, the wise ear of my friend's mother who is an experienced sewer and patient teacher! What more can a Mama ask for? Really!

A few long-standing projects were worked on.....

The top of a quilt for Elsa
Thanks to the encouragment of my friend, I finally completed the top of Elsa's quilt and, though there's still much more to work on (like backing and hand-quilting it!), I'm so pleased to have been 'unblocked' on this one. It's one of those projects that's been dragging along for a good while. I'm too embarrassed to say for how long! 

And a few new projects were started and finished, or almost so....this brown skirt needs some embellishments and this wool felt should help. I have some fruits in mind. The brown wool had been in Mum's fabric stash since the late 50s some time! To be fair, it was tucked away in a storage box but, wow, that makes my aging stash seem very current. To be even fairer, she did have ten children and managed to sew for us all - the mind boggles.

I made this skirt (the freyed hem is intentional!). The pattern (also used for the brown skirt above) includes kid's sizes so Elsa's sure to get some 'market skirts' of her own.

And I completed this top for myself. It makes my mind float forward to Spring and puts a smile on my face.

And as the above-said friend commented, I've clearly been 'unblocked'. I tend to sit on projects, waiting for the 'perfect' opportunity, the 'perfect' combination of fabrics, the 'perfect' moment. Slowly, I'm coming to the realisation that there is no 'perfect' time. Intellectually, I knew it, in reality, I was still holding out. But, since my weekend away, I've simply 'gone for it'. And though the results are not perfect (and that's part of what always restrains me from starting in the first place), there's a great satisfaction in completion. More post-weekend away, completed projects coming soon!

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