Monday, July 11, 2011


On this Wintery, cold Melbourne day I'm dreaming of  a pleasant cafe outing with clear-nosed children! It's not really so cold but, I become a little 'whiny' when the temperature drops below fifteen so I'm looking back (just a few weeks) to warmer, sun-shiny days and some cafe outings we've enjoyed. Perhaps we'll have another tomorrow? It might be a nice way to celebrate her second visit to the dentist; bravery should be rewarded! Not that I'm expecting the dentist to do much more than count her teeth, ask her how her brushing is going and give her a sticker! I must be projecting my horrid experience with braces!

Occassionally, I ask my kids to brave a local cafe so that I can enjoy a pot of chai or English Breakfast tea because one, I'm addicted to both and two, sometimes it's nice to be served! It takes such patience on their behalves, a patience that's mostly rewarded by a 'babychino' and something sweet to eat.

Back at the end of May when my eldest sister was visting from northern NSW, their patience was tested on more than one occassion! And recently, we've been visiting a cafe in Flemington with friends following Elsa's weekly swimming lession. This is a particularly good spot to stop because of this shop, located in front of our table of choice. This is clearly a stop for me but the kids find their own fun.

I hope they recall the sweet rewards of our cafe stops in the same way that I recall the delights of the David Jones cafe in Sydney where Mum would take me for a reprieve as I enjoyed the delights of a vanilla milkshake, cream-corn on toast (I know!) and perhaps a scone. For now for my kids, it's all about the train spotting, exploring the streets, watching the people, and clearly, the eating and drinking too!

Cafe bound with their aunt; something to truly relish as this aunt lives far away

And sometimes we simply take the 'cafe' with us and enjoy some train spotting with treats and drinks in hand.  And then chat about all things train-related in the aftermath! ( I really need to learn some things in this regard!).  It's often not until a few trains have sped past that Rafa is used to the noise; it' hard to believe looking at the photo below but, in no time, he's screaming with delight as each train approaches.

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