Friday, September 3, 2010


A little photo-summary of our last FULL month of winter. Yes, to us it was still winter until 21 September because we subscribe to the definition of the seasons according with the solstices rather than the generally accepted Australian version where the seasons correspond to calendar months (so winter = June, July, August, Spring = September, October, November etc etc). So, as far as our family is concerned Spring only just began! (though it still reeks of winter).

Finally taking some photos for Ravelry of a Jo Sharp wrap
I knitted a while back
Found quietly hugging his 'little boy' doll Our little fairy A favourite new passtime - yoga

Contemplating their snacks Some election day finds at a garage sale near our polling booth Enjoying one of 'my' puzzles from childhood Another haircut with Peter He learnt to climb the stairs! (out came the gates) Always time for green playdoughThe book-box, a fine place to escape her little brother
A new beret knitted by moi More banana bread
And rice pudding galore!

Playing doctors. He looks so scared! She has had SO MUCH enjoyment from
this wooden doctors kit!

Threatening to make his way into 'her' craft cupboard