Thursday, November 11, 2010


Oh my, he's one. ONE! Our beautiful, sweet, cuddly, affectionate, loving, smiley little boy is ONE!!!!!!!!! And celebrate we did. On his actual birth-day, we had a lovely home day celebrating amongst the four of us. We shared in cake made by Dada and Elsa, opened a few gifts (namely his first doll - more on that later) and chatted a great deal about the year that has been.

The following day, we shared Raf's birthday with friends and my sister and co. We baked and baked in preparation and ate and ate in celebration! Unfortunately, all our Sydney family was unable to make it down and, of course, the Canadians were also missing. Still, we had a great celebration and I think Rafael did too, though he was obliviously to what exactly we were celebrating! But, he liked his first taste of chocolate cake! And he didn't take his crown off once - I very surprised by that one, and relieved as I was up late the night before making it (!). I also managed (just) to complete a new pair of 'jeans' for him to wear to his party. They're based on the 'yoga pants' pattern from here, with a few adjustments. I gave them a slightly higher waist and made them reversable. And he's loving his doll.

Rafa was a little under the weather over his birthday weekend but, true to form, he kept on smiling, even during the long wait at the doctor's the morning before his birthday. He's feeling great now. And he's ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!