Friday, March 6, 2009


Dada's been in Sydney for meetings this weekend and Elsa and me spent the time playing. We visited the relatively new local bookstore called JP Junior Everlasting Books. So many great books including plenty of classics by the likes of Pat Hutchins, Shirley Hughes, Judith Kerr, Lynley Dodd...We bought a Berstein Bears book for a friend (I loved these bears as a kid and hope Oliver will too) and some new crayons for Elsa.

We also visited the 'big park' and I managed to get a few rows of knitting in while Elsa played away...just a few though. One of my sister-in-laws knitted me this Jo Sharp Tweed Beret (the purple one under the pattern in the photo) and it's so comfortable and easy to wear - and I love the colour. So, I'm knitting it for a friend who will be visiting from Bendigo next week but in a different colour - 'Willow'. I'd forgotten just how nice the Jo Sharp Aran Tweed is; so soft and knits up really well, and quickly which is always nice.

And we visited Francesca for her 3rd birthday. She seemed to like her Lazy Day skirt and I was really happy with the finished product too! I hope it provides plenty of twirling inspiration. (photo to come). And Dada was home just in time for a 'holiday pancake Monday'.

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