Saturday, December 21, 2013


It's an annual event; the crazy final few days before we head north to Sydney to share Christmas with our extended family (my mum and nine siblings, and their families; it's a little busy!). We rush about finishing gardening chores (one last weeding session, sugar cane mulch applied, a little harvest here and there), last minute gift gathering and making, one more report/meeting/event to attend to for Dada, pet care to be arranged, gift wrapping, packing and more packing and, best of all, sharing some precious time with friends before we see them next in the new year. So, well, it's rushed, it's a little stressful and it's also fun and FULL, which might explain the quantity of photos in this post. It's a good, rich, full feeling.

Another order of lions heads for the hills
 (I'm ever so close to reopening my etsy store!)

40 degree days require a swim or two in the pool, so what if Mama
 can't find the swimsuits

Some of us LOVE the extreme heat

Beginnings of cherry jam

cherry and sultana kebabs by Elsa

Hot weather picnic in partial shade

Always helping

Our adventure seeker

Thankful to my sister for this nifty cherry-pitting tool which
 made it that much quicker to pit 3 kgs of cherries

A visit to Daiso...great for stocking stuffers

Harvesting some silverbeet

Green rhubarb, truly (tastes the same as the red variety)

The corn has sprouted

Helping and collecting worms

Our first lemons are on their way!

Our first blueberries on their way!

Guess we'll have an olive harvest in 2014!

Pretty sage flowers

No room in the garden for these remaining tomato plants...
we hope they'll enjoy the pots just as much

A recent annual tradition, a coconut before Christmas

Making labels for the cherry jam

Another 'D.E.A.R garden box' (Dino, Elsa, Ange, Raf) containing items from our garden including rhubarb, garlic, sage, coriander, dill, bay leaves, mint, rosemary, spinach, silverbeet and tomato plants (did we really grow all that!) accompanied by a jar of cherry jam, of course!

Thanks to Sally Wise for the recipe

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  1. I just found your blog. Love the pictures! I'm really fascinated by rhubarb. I almost planted some this year, but decided at the last minute not to. Kind of bummed now!