Monday, April 18, 2011


Last week, we had a wonderful few days on Phillip Island with family (one brother and familia, one brother-in-law and kids, minus my sister who couldn't make it). The highlights?

Watching all the kids enjoy immensely  the time together cousins and siblings alike; giggling,  intense concentration over a board game (many played), happy squealing and screaming as they darted through the kitchen on the chase (or being chased), quiet time with drawing pencils in hand or sharing a story book, the self-discipling (some may call it 'bossing' or 'directing'!), splashing in the outdoor spa (so much fun!), walks on the beach, wrestling, cuddles...ALL the play. They certainly  "played hard" as my brother put it.

Humouring their little cousin/sibling...yeah sure Raf, you can play....for a second...

Sharing time with the adults; evenings of laughing til our sides hurt, remembering aspects of our own childhood, reflecting on the day and enjoying 'adult sweets' (because clearly, the kid's had had enough during the day - well, that's what we told ourselves though, actually it was probably true).

Spending some time 'alone' in the kitchen (minus little helpers!); preparing food for all the kids including baking chocolate apple cake (yum), chocolate chip cookes and scones and cooking pizza and lamb on the bbq and making lots of jelly (oh, they're poor teeth) (better still, watching all the kids and adults devour and enjoy all the food!).

Knitting uninterupted for lengthy spells; Dino's vest is now oh so close to completion and the kid's Easter bunnies are knit and ready to be sewn up - woohooo! Sorry, no photographic evidence yet.

Taking in the lovely views; visiting 'The Nobbies' and seeing Dino inspired to take up the camera again and go for a little hike.

Hearing all about the 'penguin parade' from the 'big' kids; we chose not to visit the penguins as they were due to arrive on the beach at about the same time as our kid's were due to arrive in bed for a much needed sleep! (another time) but, it was great to hear all about the adventure from their cousins and uncles and sounds amazing!

Planning our next get away; with even more of our sibling group and their families and hopefully before Christmas, when we're all ten of us (and partners, children) are together but have hardly a moment to breathe!

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