Saturday, April 23, 2011


ns, On our way towards Easter plenty has been happening around here. Before I cover this actual weekend (oh what a lovely, long one!), thought I'd reflect on the last.

Some cooking from one of my favourite cookbooks...Kofta with Tomato Sauce. We love this cookbook. So straight forward and full of recipes for delicious meals, including sweets. And we know, because in the few years since I bought this book, we've tried most of them!

And I'm thoroughly enjoying (and quickly devouring) this box of teas from Canadian label 'Tea Forte', a birthday gift from my sister-in-law in Toronto. I could be addicted.

And E and I had some fun shopping for some supplies necessary to making Easter happen around here (the Greek part at least). We feel very lucky to be able to explore and purchase these things at our local supermarket but we shoudn't be surprised, we all in Melbourne after all with it's huge Greek population.

And it's that time of the year...bread galore! And this year, pizza bases waiting be topped with all sorts.

And while we wait for the pizza, popcorn anyone? Do you remember the excitement as a child listening to the corn popping in the pan and feeling eager to hear the popping end so the devouring could begin?!

And cousins have been making pasta (with the help of their Mamas). Autumn/Winter 2011 could go down as our greatest pasta making season...on to Ravioli next time. Yum!

Shopping at our good local book shop, I finally bought March and grabbed her latest book too. I'm hoping their as fantastic as Year of Wonders, which is definitley one of my favourite novels.  And last weekend, I also enjoyed flicking through the lastest Frankie that arrived here just in time for the weekend. Quite the contrast from the novels but entertaining in it's own way.

It hasn't all been about food around here (though mostly!), we also enjoyed some arts and crafts. After seeing these stamps here it was only a matter of time until we had them in operation at our kitchen table. They're great for little hands and a nice way to send a message (near or far), and some recipes.

And how could I resist...

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