Wednesday, July 25, 2012


We've had a spurt of rainy days a little while back (say, around 10 days ago, I think)...nothing too extreme but definitely soggy. Last week, there was hail but the past few have been glorious with so much lovely winter sunshine..such is life in Melbourne. I quite enjoy the variety, the changeability of the weather here, particularly in the cooler months; it keeps us on our toes and really, it's rarely extremely cold or hot so there's not much to complain about.  Anyhow, we opted to spend many of the rainy moments indoors baking, painting, drawing, playing in general really...and knitting, of course (for me at least). And I reflected on all the outdoor work and play to come over the upcoming warmer months.....


  1. Ah yes, Melbourne weather! I'm laying here in bed,hot water bottle on my toes, shawl snuggled round my shoulders, listening to the rain. Can't decide if i hope it rains tomorrow and I shall stay inside and cook and tidy and maybe sew. Or keep my fingers crossed that it will be dry andi an getoutside to work on my hall closet and some gardening. This being Melbourne, there'll probably be time for both :-)

  2. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It's always nice to 'meet' people through the blog. All that finger crossing must've worked - no rain today! Hope you were able to get to some out-door work.