Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Come in,  leave you gumboots on the front verandah please...welcome to some of our June moments.

June was at time for picking and drying bay leaves and rosemary - we now have big jars full of these dried bits of goodness, which is very handy for cooking, especially winter lamb, soups and stews.

In June, we started harvesting winter vegies and herbs and haven't stopped. We have a new-found love for sweet radishes in salads.

In June, 'Hugo' (the doll) became more popular than ever and accompanied Rafael absolutely everywhere.

We celebrated a special birthday in June and Elsa has been playing with perhaps her favourite gift ever since! (love a good op-shop find - well, my sister did on this instance!).

Gnocchi the dog just practiced being 'Gnocchi the dog' (it's a weighty task!)

In June, we enjoyed oh so many hot chocolates in the garden...

June saw the arrival and lengthy stay of a horrid cold...

June was a time for toadstool-spotting, mostly very close to home, sometimes in our own yard...

I like Elsa's comment about these two..."Look Mama, they must be brother and sister!"
I know, I know, enough of the toadstool thing!! But, as if they're not amazing in themselves, I was so very inspired by how much time Elsa and Rafael put into the surrounding fairy gardens, hammocks (yep, every fairy needs at least two) and 'sheds' of each and everyone we discovered. And the morning after one such 'decorating' session, when they found that possums has pooed all through the fairy garden, they were very impressed; somehow it added to the mystery of the night-time frolicking that must've taken place in and around the toadstools. There's also plenty of evidence of such frolicking (by possums) all over the car each morning and I can't say I'm equally impressed!

June was a time for minding the neighbour's guinea pigs, dogs and fish. The guineas really endeared themselves to us.

In June we transferred so many wee seedlings into the garden, including shallots, leek, pakchoy and cabbage...

And perhaps the most exciting June-addition to the garden, strawberry runners EVERYWHERE! We look forward to a summer of strawberries.
 And occasionally, we found a flower or two, reminding us that Spring comes next!

And our blackberry, blueberry and cranberry trees arrived from here along with two fig trees and a plum tree!  Now we just need to decide where they go...

June was definitely a month for knitting but, aren't they all! And a good time for working with beeswax (and the fireplace proved the perfect place to soften it just a little for wee hands). And, as far as Elsa was concerned, June was for dry-felting.

And little brothers and their dolls should always be allowed to Kinder for a visit...and in June, he often did.

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