Saturday, June 30, 2012


Over the course of some recent rainy days, we're developed a new craft habit; we've been creating our own stamps. I've coveted this idea while exploring the blogs of others and was a little intimidated by the amazing designs I've seen out there and by my complete lack of experience with all things print-related.  I have a pile of wooden stamps from days when my sister and I would dash down to the U.S. from Vancouver to buy piles of stamps, and I had some ink pads too but, have never made my own. But after seeing this (thanks to the lead from here), I decided it was worth a try. The designs are basic and I have lots to learn but, wow, we had so much fun.

I created the first few stamps using some of Elsa's drawings (the curly-haired child and palace/castle) and then, started 'doodling' myself and discovered that it's been far too long since I did so, since the opportunities for quiet, extended visits to a cafe with paper and pen in hand don't present themselves so often lately! I've never been a brilliant drawer but I always enjoyed it and, well, that's the main idea isn't it!? Drawing places me in a meditative state (as writing once did) and it was nice to derive that feeling from it again.

I picked up some soft-lino from here and set to work with tools I had tucked away from a prior attempt at print-making post high school. And now we have a new stock of cards for those special occasions and, for any reason we please really. I have some more sketches ready to work with and hope to get better at cutting and, to find some more space in the craft cupboard to store the tools of this new fascination.

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