Saturday, June 9, 2012



Lately, things have been a tad busy here, partly attributable to four important birthdays including preparations for a big party for a big birthday. We're combating the busy period with lots of yoga and, every time we do, I find myself thinking of past northern hemisphere summers and time spent here. Some days, I miss living on the island and being on Canada's west coast in general, even when Vancouver friends shared this recent bit of news

Okay, so once on a camping trip near Whistler with friends we awoke to find a bear in our camp site (as in, right outside out tent!) but, there was no 'swiping', no aggression on the part of the bear, with the exception of an expression of slight annoyance when we took photos (once we got to the comfort and safety of the car that is!!!). The 'annoyance' was communicated by means of some rocking back and forth and head-swaying in our direction but, certainly no attempts at 'swiping'....gosh, what an experience for that man and a tale to tell forever more.

Okay, so I sometimes miss the island but, hey, there are no feijoas there! My latest foray into feijoa-land (if only such a place existed); a dozen or so jars of feijoa jam now in our cupboard and a few extra in the homes of friends. Given our recent feijoa-'love-fest', I tried to order another 15kg box (truly) but sadly, the season had ended. We've been promised early notice of the next feijoa season and plan to watch our own tree very carefully in the hope of beating the possums to the fruit. Likely? I think not but, we can dream, cross our fingers and some netting for that tree! As a final adieu to the 2012 feijoa season, we enjoyed some feijoa cakes (these being feijoa and orange cakes - so tasty!).
And oh the cuddles, craft, stories and chats we've enjoyed fireside these past few weeks. The kids have taken to falling asleep in front of the fire following a chapter (or more) of her current favourite book or an improvised tale shared by Elsa, complete with little figures of all sorts. My Tea Leaves is also coming along fireside and tea is being consumed in crazy volumes but, I can't blame the cardigan for that...I don't need an excuse. Seeing this latest knitting project sitting alongside my last Tea Leaves, reminds me of oranges and lemons. My latest colour choice is possibly inspired by all the citrus tree-planting around here of late...perhaps.

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