Thursday, June 28, 2012


She's tried so hard to be serious as I took these photos today. She's wearing a new head scarf courtesy of Ella. The first photo below may just capture the only moment she was serious all day - such silly, fun, busy, noisy play to be had around here today. I've made her a few head scarves over the years but I couldn't resist buying this one, particularly given her current (I can hope!) love of all things pink. While the current weather is far more suited to knitted head-ware, she insisted on wearing this new item to the park and how could I resist!?! Thanks Ella! Perhaps one day we'll make it back to Vancouver and I can pop by to buy a pile of your wonderful creations!



  1. oh Ange, she's adorable in this! lovely curls and sweet silly smiles. xo.

  2. OMG!!! Ella spoke to you on your blog! I saw this exact headscarf in her shop and in a post and thought how lovely it was, so glad it has found such a fitting head to bedeck.

    1. You're so funny Em! I couldn't resist the headscarf...and Elsa wants to wear it even on the coldest day...hopefully she'll now go back to wearing the one i made her in Summer! But I'm sure this one will take the cake :) She likes it even more knowing it comes from Vancouver...where Dada's from..