Thursday, June 14, 2012


An Explorer Vest for a dear nephew of mine who is forever exploring in the most uninhibited, adventurous, creative, wonderful (!) ways imaginable. Elsa and Raf enjoyed adding extra little bits of goodness to the pockets.

I enjoyed sewing this vest. Their patterns are so clear and well-written. I enjoyed learning a few new things too. For one, I'd never made 'bellows' before so that was fun. I lined the vest using a few old business shirts of D's. Elsa has since requested that I make something else for her from the pile of these shirts that I've tucked away at every opportunity (i.e. mainly when they're 'old'). Mmmmmm....will have to think on that one. For now, she's still wearing this, though it's much shorter these days!

Next time I make this vest, I'd like to use two fabrics for the outer vest; one for the main pieces of the outer vest, another to line the pocket flaps and create the bellows. Perhaps...

Cake Pops all round

And, I have to say,  Rafael is actually wearing his new hat now, and given how roomy it is, I hope it will come in handy for a few winters to come.


  1. The vest looks amazing Ange. Beautiful pattern and exquisitely executed with great fabric choices. Maybe I need to have another think about that book.....

    1. Thanks Em, the book is getting a good work out around here!