Wednesday, June 20, 2012


While you're expected to stay and share in some of the fun, it's time for you to take a back seat for a while Wind. I mean, you've been great, really. No, really you have. You've cleared some of the fallen red, orange and brown leaves from the grassy floor out back and swept over our days, sometimes pushing the rain from our faces, even sweeping the hair from our eyes. We do appreciate you being here and we've loved your performance but, now it's time for you to step into the wings for a minute (or two, or even longer). Take a backseat, take a holiday, take a break.

I know it's difficult for you to do but, you know, like a well-trained actor in an improvised, two-person play, the sort who knows when his monologue must end, we need you to move back stage now and allow your partner to take centre stage. It's time. King Winter is on his way with a performance of his own, all prepared and ready to delivery. I hear he has quite the soliloquy planned for this coming weekend (with temperatures around 10 degrees - impressive!).

We don't mind if occasionally you revisit the stage in a support role but, Winter has some performance of his own to run through, and one of you is enough for any celebration. We eagerly await his first delivery of snow, which apparently isn't far off, and are planning a trip to the mountains to bask in it's white glory; we have snowman to build and a little boy ever so keen to see snow for the first time! Thanks Wind and, welcome Winter! (we'll be asleep when you arrive tomorrow night so please move quietly. Also, if you see Mother Earth on your journey, ask her what's the deal with the earthquake!?! Wow, that really shook the house!).

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  1. Your post could so easily apply to the weather we're 'suffering' here in the UK .. only it's supposed to be Summer now! Worse June in 247 years here apparently. Oh well. Thanks for popping over and leaving your kind comment.
    Kate x