Tuesday, September 1, 2009


We baked a lot in July. I think this came about partly from the realisation that these are my last few months 'alone' with Elsa and as part of the rediscovery of food following so many months spent offering it back to the porcelain gods. Gosh, it was so good to have some relief from 'morning' sickness and boy did I celebrate!
Lemon Pie courtesy of a recipe from one of my sisters.
Oh my, we can't stop making 'Angie's Lemon Cake' from The Cooks Companion

I discovered that Elsa loves homemade popcorn. It was fun to watch her reaction to the 'pop, pop, popping' - she squeals in delight every time a corn pops, then giggles her head off.

Our first batch of Cumquat jam. Not my favourite fruit but were given the fruit, Dino loves it and the recipe looked easy so I obliged!
Finally finished this skirt..

We converted a skirt from Burma into a pair of shorts. The skirt was fantastic but it was in the wrap style and didn't stay on easily. So, shorts it is...added some antique-style braid around the bottom and wala!

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