Thursday, September 3, 2009


I started a pile of new projects early in the month during our Torquay holiday but only a few were complete by the end of the day. If only I didn't soooo need that day time nap (thankfully Elsa still sleeps for a few hours so I can still get it!). Anyhow here are some of the things that I did get finished.
Some pants for Elsa for next winter...perhaps part of her 3rd birthday gift? Given that I'll probably be busy with other things, I thought I'd start early!

Some washcloths for gifts (yet to make the new baby any - on the list though)

A hat for a new baby in our local mother's group

To celebrate the emminent return day of Spring, we made our first ever batch of strawberry jam thanks to guidance from Steph. (despite the picture, we didn't follow Tessa's recipe!).

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