Saturday, September 12, 2009


Okay, so now that I feel a little more on top of these blog entries. Having caught up with the last few months over the past week or so, hopefully I can be more consistent, at least for the next 6 or so weeks until the baby is born and the inevitable craziness (of a new type) begins.

And.. I can take this opportunity to say, what was with the weather last weekend?! After spending Saturday catching up on household jobs, crafting with Elsa and nesting (oh dear, I just can't stop!), we decided it was just too hot to cook and went to the beach for a take-away dinner and frolick in the sand. We left the beach at 7pm to get Elsa home to bed and it was still around 30 degrees! And it remained that way until sometime in the middle of the night, when we were woken by the wind beating on our bedroom window. What a strange, hot, Spring day - and we're only a few weeks in. Fingers crossed this isn't a sign of things to come for the Summer.

The warmer weather has allowed for some new nesting activities to commence (ike washing the baby's nappies!!!) and others to continue. Things we've enjoyed so far this Spring include:

- setting up a new craft cupboard for Elsa (in preparation for all the home time we'll be sharing over the next few months!);

- baking (to stock the freezer for all the snacks we'll be wanting but NOT baking over the next few months!);

- dying muslin at playgroup;

- changing over the nature table;

- Spring festivities at playgroup;

- fabric shopping and sewing (why not?)...

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