Thursday, February 11, 2010


I started this top for Elsa way back in late 2008 in a much bigger size than was necessary at the time and I'm glad of it because, now that's it's finished a year and a bit later it a wonderful fit. PHEW! I wasn't enjoying knitting this cotton at all but I'm glad I persisted because I'm really happy with the final outcome. The pattern is from Simple Knits for Little Cherubs.

Notice the dummy? In the final days of my pregnancy (with Rafa) she discovered it in a box of baby goods I was going through and has clung to it ever since. It's so strange to see her using a dummy. I think she just likes to play at being a baby; part of that regression that can happen at this age. Perhaps.

Now on to that blanket I started knitting for an in-utero Elsa so that our infant Rafael can actually use it. This truly is the year for catching up on long forgotten projects. Actually I never forgot them, they just weren't getting air-time.

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